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Email Marketing Certification: Welcome the First Litmus-Certified Email Pros

Ongoing education is important for email professionals to not only grow their skills but also their careers. Litmus offers email marketing certification for both marketers and designers.

Designers, developers, and marketers get the skills they need to advance their careers and put their skills to the test with a hands-on project reviewed by the Litmus team.

We just wrapped up our first round of certification workshops and projects—and would like to congratulate the trailblazing, inaugural class of Litmus-Certified Email Marketers and Designers (cue the confetti)!

Litmus-Certified Email Marketers

These Litmus-Certified Email Marketers needed to prove their know-how in email marketing strategy and campaign analysis. They attended three marketing-focused workshops to learn how to:

  • Review campaigns, performance, and subscriber interactions to tailor future initiatives based on changing customer expectations
  • Find actionable, quantifiable indicators to make business decisions and tell a cohesive story to stakeholders by bringing life to numbers on a page
  • Collaborate effectively and efficiently across stakeholders and teams

They also completed a practical project judged by its:

  • General organization and efficiency in workflow process
  • Collaboration with other teams and stakeholders
  • Forward-thinking mindset in goal creation, continuing the campaign past initial launch, and setup of post-campaign review session
  • Overall campaign strategy and multi-channel awareness of content, visuals, calls-to-action, and audience segmentation

With this in-depth study and project, you know these first-ever Litmus-Certified Email Marketers are the real deal!


*These folks are certified as both email marketers and designers. Extra kudos to them!

**Full disclosure: I’m a Litmus-Certified Email Marketer but began the certification process before I joined the Litmus team.

Litmus-Certified Email Designers

These Litmus-Certified Email Designers were required to show their ability to code accessible, responsive, and interactive HTML email campaigns. They attended three development-focused workshops to learn how to:

  • Design and code future-proof email campaigns by focusing on accessibility, modular components, foundational HTML and CSS, and responsive techniques across the widest range of email clients
  • Build interactive emails with HTML, CSS, and AMP for Email with fallbacks for older email clients
  • Create email design systems, advocate for their use, and document usage

They also completed a practical project judged by its:

  • Demonstrated understanding of the HTML, CSS, and core email development concepts discussed throughout the workshops
  • Solid rendering and fallbacks across popular email clients
  • Basic email accessibility through both visual design (size, color, hierarchy) and the underlying code

With this in-depth study and project, these first-ever Litmus-Certified Email Designers have definitely proven themselves!

Adam Yost
Aly Gates
Amit Singhai
Andrea Goreczky
Andrew Koch
Angela Spence
Anna Dickinson
Anne Tomlin
Anshul Sharma
Brianna Bolling
Brittany Woodell*
Carin Slater
Carly Ciricillo
Caroline Russo
Casey Braun*
Christian Fuchs
Corinna Cohen
Cy Culpin
Dallin Bassett
Daniel Petrucci
Darren Puscas
Davida Gaffney
Debra Humphries
Dorothy Nguyen
Dreama Stafford
Elizabeth (Beth) Carden*
Erica Travis
Felicia Tam
Garrett Rice
Gina Thropp
Gina Vence
Grant Joseph Chandler*
Hannah Hodson
Hugo Zerecero
Isaac Beal
James Fuller
Jeni McGuigan
Jessie Campbell
JJ Schaus
Joel Adachi
John Ballman
Jonathan Novak*
Jordan Salisbury*
Kathy Szczesny*
Kelly Gilbert
Kelly Lamano
Kelsey Howarth*
Leanne Mercadante
Lori Beai*
Mantas Daugela
Margaret Weimer
Mary Lau
Matthew Young
Melanie Martin
Melissa Bertone
Michael Lin*
Michael Silvia
Mitch McCline
Natashia Privette
Nathan Alf
Nicole Rolfes
Phong Truong
Rachel Mercer
Rodrigo Daniel García Santander
Roy Keur
Ryan Freeman
Sam Hawes
Sara Kerrigan
Sarah Fargusson
Shani Nestingen
Sharon Dzilvelis
Stacie Aitchison
Stephen Rust
Steven Martins
Taylor Schena
Thomas Defossez
Thomas Eckhart
Tooba Faheem
Tracie Hamby
Val Geisler
Wilbert Heinen
Zoe Anderson


*These folks are certified as both email designers and marketers. Extra kudos to them!

Want to become certified, too?

You deserve to show off your skills and brag a little. Stay tuned as we release more information about our upcoming events and opportunities to become Litmus-Certified. It’ll be worth the wait!

Magan Le

Magan Le

Magan Le was a Content Marketing Manager at Litmus