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[Ebook] The Three Pillars of Successful Email Marketing I Part 1: PRE


Email has the potential to be a real game-changer when it comes to uncovering insights that can supercharge your marketing. But how do you effectively use this channel for all that it’s worth? For starters, you need to get organized and be intentional about the entire email process. 

Here at Litmus, we believe there are three crucial pillars to email marketing success—and only when you master all three can you build a state-of-the-art email program that can positively impact your entire marketing mix.

The three pillars of a successful email program—PRE, POST, and PERFORM—help you take a holistic view of your email program. We’ll take a deep dive into every single one over the coming weeks. 

Let’s start with pillar one:
PRE | Set your campaigns up for success.

Download the ebook and learn how to:

  • Curb content chaos and plan campaigns more effectively 
  • Consistently send emails that are beautiful—and error-free
  • Automate your workflow to reduce manual, time-consuming steps
  • Streamline your feedback and approval process
  • And more! 

Sound like an email dream? Make it a reality with our ebook.

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