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This Month in Community: Bulk Lists, Email for Noobs + Government Emails


The Litmus Community is the place for email designers and marketers to discuss their craft, talk about industry news, and join in the (occasional) controversial rant and discussion.

In case you haven’t been keeping up, here’s what happened this month in the Community.

Question About Bulk Lists & Permissions

Community member Chris Cameron posted a really interesting ethical question on bulk lists and sending permissions. Chris received a bulk list of people that did not opt-in to his emails, but who belong to organizations that approved emailing their members. Is this implied permission as good as explicit? Should he worry about deliverability or reputation concerns? Weigh in over in the Community Discussion.

File Size Deliverability

In a discussion about a recent responsive email redesign, Samuel McCully noticed that the new template’s file size saw a big increase. Since then, open rates have been declining significantly, leading him to ask the question:

Is there a correlation between an email’s file size and deliverability?

It’s a particularly interesting discussion, especially as more email designers move to responsive templates and larger image file sizes to account for high DPI displays. What do you think? Let us know if you’ve run into similar issues.

From Litmus Folks

Ahead of an upcoming webinar, I asked Community members about their biggest challenges with just getting started in email design. I remember a lack of information about how to design emails as being a huge obstacle, but I’m curious as to what people just getting started today have to say on the subject. Let me know over in the discussion.

On the more advanced side of things, Chad White wanted to know people’s thoughts on the laws surrounding email marketing. While most of us are familiar with the CAN-SPAM Act, he asked people about other impactful legal decisions that affect us all. Lawyer in the family? Deal with a particularly well-regulated industry? Share your thoughts in the Community.

Government Emails

Speaking of well-regulated industries… Community member Abby Wentzel-Elison recently started a new job that deals with government emails. Eager to learn more about all things gov, she asked others to share their approach to handling government emails. Are there any special considerations she should take into account? Have some good examples of well-done government emails? Help Abby out!

Using View in Browser Links

Melissa Wagner asked everyone their thoughts on keeping the evergreen “view in browser” links in the header of an email. While she makes a point that well-designed and tested emails don’t necessarily need the link, a few Community members cited other reasons for including it. Can you think of any more beyond accounting for images off scenarios and giving people a link for social sharing? Post them here.

New Community Contest

What better way to close out January and kick of February than with a new Community Contest? We’re challenging everyone to rethink Valentine’s Day emails and post some creative, innovative examples over in the contest. We’ll pick our favorite at the end of the month and bestow free Litmus, Code School, and Valentine’s Day treats on the winner.

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