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Topics We’d Love to See at Litmus Live 2018

The call for speakers is now closed

The call for speakers closed on March 16th, and we’re now working on putting together the agenda for Litmus Live 2018. Be among the first to hear about conference updates and the agenda when you sign up for Litmus Live updates.
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The 2018 edition of Litmus Live—our annual conference devoted to all things email—is getting closer. We’re working hard on making it the best year yet: full of informational speakers and sessions that help you improve your email campaigns and make your subscribers happy.

Litmus Live has always been driven by you, the community. Apart from all of the email geeks in attendance, nearly all of the speakers at Litmus Live have been selected from within the email community itself. Our speakers are the people in the weeds—the ones strategizing, writing, designing, developing, sending, and analyzing amazing email campaigns day-in and day-out. Although we’re always improving the conference, that’s one thing we don’t want to change, ever.

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That’s why we’re calling on you, the email lovers of the world, to submit your proposal for speaking at Litmus Live 2018. While the proposals are already coming in, we recognize that getting a proposal together can be intimidating. Deciding on a topic and crafting a pitch is a challenging (but rewarding) experience. We’ve written about the latter already, but this post will help with the former: Deciding on a topic for your speaking proposal.

Before we get to the list of topics, we just want to remind you of what we’re looking for in potential speakers. It all breaks down to one word: enthusiasm. We want people who are enthusiastic about email. People who love what they do, take pride in thinking through their email programs, and tackle interesting and challenging problems in the name of improving their subscribers’ experiences.

Speaking at Litmus Live is less “presenting to” and more “sharing with.” If you’re thinking about submitting a proposal, do it! Everyone here gets it: we are on the ground creating strategy, executing campaigns, interpreting metrics, conducting tests, and integrating feedback, and we also experience our own emails in our inboxes. It’s invigorating to share thoughts and be critically introspective with a group that eats its own dogfood. – Vicky Ge

So, if you’re enthusiastic about email and have an amazing story or technique to share, submit your speaking proposal today. If you need a little inspiration for your talk, here is what we’d love to see at this year’s conference.

Design and coding

Litmus Live started life as The Email Design Conference, so naturally design, development, and code have all been a big part of the conference from day one. Although there has been a lot of progress made on the technical side of email in the past few years, there’s still a lot we can all learn and implement in our own campaigns. Some of the coding and design topics we’d love to see covered this year are:

  • Accessibility in email. If you have tips for how to make emails more accessible for everyone—through design, copywriting, or technical implementation—we want to see you on stage.
  • Email production workflows. Help others make their design and coding processes more efficient and reliable. We’ve also received a few requests for talks on modular design systems and using them to improve workflows.
  • Experimental and advanced techniques. Have you built an amazing interactive or dynamic email? Come up with some crazy new responsive technique? Messed around with AMP for email? We’d love to hear about it.
  • The technical bits outside of HTML and CSS. Especially working with APIs to pull in data and build emails, and communicating with development teams.
  • Responsive and mobile email. We’re still not 100% responsive in the email world and there are always new techniques to explore. Tell us about yours.
  • General layout, design, and typography talks. So much work goes into email before the actual coding stage. How are you designing better emails?

Admittedly, that’s just scratching the surface. Don’t limit yourself to the topics above. If you’re doing something interesting on the technical side of email, submit a proposal.

Getting to speak at the Litmus Live conferences has been an amazing and truly rewarding experience. It’s opened doors for me professionally, as well as connected me with people I’m now lucky enough to call some of my closest friends. I would encourage anyone considering it to take the leap – the team at Litmus is incredibly supportive, and they make Litmus Live the perfect venue for first-time speakers! – Kathryn Grayson Nanz

Marketing and strategy

Design and coding is just one aspect of email. We all know how much goes into building a successful email marketing program. That’s why were looking for people to talk about some of these marketing and strategy-related topics.

  • Copywriting and content creation. Especially how to manage both across different teams and improve content creation workflows.
  • A/B and multivariate testing. How you use them to test hypotheses and improve your campaigns.
  • Metrics and analysis. How do you measure the success of your campaigns and use that data to improve your program over time?
  • Personalization and dynamic content. There is so much room for improvement beyond the default {{firstname}}. How are you using personalization and dynamic content?
  • Multi- and omni-channel marketing. How does email fit into the larger marketing landscape? Share how your tips on how to break out of the email silo.
  • Deliverability and compliance. It’s getting harder to deliver permission-based marketing. How are you dealing with stricter inbox providers and laws that affect email marketers?

Naturally, there’s a lot more to email marketing and strategy than the above topics. Surprise us and share your proposal.

Other topics

We’ve also received a ton of requests from past attendees for topics outside of the typical design and strategy categories, and we have a few requests of our own. If none of the above caught your eye, how about submitting a proposal on one of the following?

  • Email marketing for non-profits. Non-profits represent a huge portion of the email world. How is your non-profit using email to raise funds, create awareness, and change the world?
  • Email in higher education. Higher education senders have a unique set of challenges, from fundraising to compliance. Tell us your story about how you improved your schools’ campaigns.
  • Multi-language marketing. It’s a big world out there and speaking to it is a hard problem to solve. Share your tips on sending emails in multiple languages.
  • Diversity in email. Not only is it a big world, it’s a diverse one. How are you keeping your emails diverse? Are you working to represent groups large and small in your campaigns? We’d love to hear about it.

Speaking at Litmus Live was a fantastic experience! The email community was really supportive (especially as a new speaker), and it was super organized. I’ve made a ton of email friends directly from speaking – if you’re thinking about speaking, do it! – Tim Hartwick

Submit your proposal

Once again, don’t let this list restrict your speaking proposal. If it sparked something for you, that’s great! If you have something else on your mind and want to share it with the email world, do it!

Either way, the call for speakers is now open. If you need help crafting the perfect speaking proposal, we’ve got you covered. Just keep in mind that the deadline for submitting is just a few weeks away: March 16, 2018.

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