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What Are Subscribers Really Doing in Email?


What a year to look at subscriber engagement trends! People are creatures of habit, so with all the changes to routine this year, I was more than curious to dig into our State of Email Engagement report data. This is our once-a-year deep dive into the where-when-how people interact with email.

In this year’s report, you’ll find out:

  • When subscribers read email and how the most popular time differs by country and reading environment.
  • Where subscribers engage with email and how email client popularity impacts your email strategy and execution.
  • How long subscribers spend reading an email and how often they print and forward emails.
  • Early trends for Dark Mode based on new detection capabilities in Litmus Email Analytics.

And with all of these trends, we also share things you can do in your own email program based on your own audience insights. 🙌

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