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Your Favorite Podcast Episodes in 2020

2020 threw a lot of curveballs. One of them was messing with everyone’s plans for, well, everything. Including ours for the Delivering podcast. We had originally planned on recording and releasing a lot more episodes beyond the 21 that made their way to your podcast player this year.

Still, we received a ton of great feedback from listeners and thousands of downloads of our podcast devoted to all things email. In keeping with our theme of looking back at our most-loved content from 2020, here are your favorite podcast episodes from this past year.

Delivering Episode 14: How Does an Average Subscriber Think About Email?

I’m not entirely surprised that listeners’ favorite episode was the one with my wife. She’s awesome. More importantly, she provided an inside look at how an average subscriber thinks about email—or doesn’t spend much time at all thinking about it, really. It was a good reminder to email marketers to get out of our collective bubble and talk to our subscribers to figure out what actually matters and what doesn’t.

Delivering Episode 23: Kisha Robinson on Non-Traditional Paths to Email Marketing and Giving Back

Another listener fav (and my own personal one) was this interview with Kisha Robinson. Kisha generously shared her own experiences and non-traditional path into the tech and email marketing world, while being open about the challenges women and people of color face in the industry. I especially loved hearing about Kisha’s work with TechGirlz and her drive to introduce underrepresented groups to the tech world, creating a more diverse community.

Delivering Episode 13: How Integrations Are Driving Email Marketing

Lots of marketers are facing the challenge of integrating disparate tools and systems. Which means this episode about how Litmus thinks about integrations—featuring some of our own integrations with other tools—made it one of the more popular episodes. We’re proud of the work we’ve done to get Litmus talking to your ESPs, cloud storage providers, and communication tools like Slack. It’s good to hear that so many marketers are taking advantage of those integrations to create a more streamlined, connected process for shipping great email campaigns.

Delivering Episode 15: How Gmail Detects Spam and Some Industry News

Finally, marketers loved getting an inside look at how Gmail views bulk email and detects spam. This read through Gmail’s bulk sender documentation was really fun to produce and seems to have struck a nerve in marketers contending with an otherwise opaque grading system. Deliverability has been a black box for far too long, so it’s encouraging to see marketers taking the time to educate themselves about an issue that affects every email we send.

What do you want us to talk about in 2021?

We have a lot of plans for expanding Delivering and making it an even bigger part of the community, but we’d love to hear what you want us to focus on in the coming year. More interviews? Deep dives into design, strategy, or deliverability issues? Whatever it is, leave a comment below to let us know!