Overwhelmed by data overload? Litmus cuts through the clutter.

With so many results and reports, it can be difficult to extract the right insights—the kind that makes it easy to increase engagement with every email send. Trusted by more than 700,000 users across various industries, Litmus supercharges your team with the tools they need to create more effective campaigns at scale. From automated pre-send testing to robust post-campaign analytics, you’ll equip your marketers with all the essentials they need to make your email marketing more impactful than ever.


See how one director relies on Litmus to provide his team with the tools they need to maximize ROI from their email marketing efforts.

With email testing in Litmus you can ensure every email is error-free.

Empower your teams

Set your email marketers up for success with a powerful suite of tools designed to increase conversions. We’ll consolidate feedback into one spot for faster reviews, empower email creation for all—regardless of technical skills, provide instant previews across 100+ email clients, and guide users through an automated, comprehensive checklist of critical elements.


Preview of Litmus Email Analytics which shows opens, privacy-impacted opens, read and engagement time, Dark Mode Usage, and more.

Track the metrics that matter

Litmus shows you the metrics that matter most at a glance. Identify your reliable audience and track their engagement to increase conversions with every send. No more wading through countless graphs and charts that do little to move the needle. We’ll show you precisely what you need to know to improve personalization and segmentation—no more, no less.


Track the metrics that matter to make informed decisions and drive better results with Email Analytics in Litmus

Improve your entire marketing mix

The benefits don’t end with email. Litmus unlocks additional insights so you can see what works best on your most effective channel and then apply those findings across your entire marketing mix. From search to social to paid campaigns, your entire team will gain new knowledge that can be used to increase conversions everywhere.


Consolidate and collaborate on reviews and approvals with Litmus Proof


Quickly identify top-performing campaigns and messages with Litmus Email Analytics

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Sync with popular ESPs and other tools usingLitmus integrations

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Real Customers. Real Results.

“Litmus Email Analytics lets us look at which email clients are the most popular, so we can educate our clients and be strategic marketing advisors.”
Evan Davis, Manager of Campaign Specialists at DEG, Linked by Isobar
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Real Customers. Real Results.

“We used email to experiment with different messaging and determine what resonates best. We informed [a client’s] social messaging strategy based on their email results…and saw a 24% increase in website traffic from Facebook year-over-year.”
Conor Snell, Social Media & Content Strategist at Altos
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Real Customers. Real Results.

“With Litmus Proof and Checklist, we’ve been able to collaborate more efficiently as a team, reducing our number of email review cycles and improving our email accuracy rates.”
Lily Cardiner, Senior Email Marketing Strategist at Zendesk
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