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What Are the Insights From the 2021 State of Email?


It’s now been almost two years since COVID-19, and a lot has changed. To find out how brands have been rolling with the punches, we surveyed nearly 400 marketing professionals about what’s driving their email strategies.

The result? Our 2021 State of Email report reveals five key findings:

  1. Email marketing is increasingly critical to business success. There’s no question: Email has always been important. But now? It’s essential.
  2. Personalization and automation are must-haves. While not new, personalization and automation are no longer nice-to-have someday. The time is now.
  3. Privacy measures are forcing strategies to change. Industry trends to protect privacy are impacting marketing’s ability to do personalization well.
  4. Brands are looking to agile marketing to meet email demand. Production cycles are getting longer while volume is increasing. Burnout is real.
  5. Marketing must embrace the state of the world. Email programs are adjusting and even joining the conversations with world events, tragedies, and changes.

Some stats that stand out to me are:

Before the pandemic vs. now: 70% of brands have increased email marketing workload but budgets haven’t changed (yet). Fortunately, 37% of brands are increasing their email budget in 2022, and only 1.3% are making cuts. This was nearly the opposite at the start of the pandemic.

55% of marketers are missing out by rarely or never A/B testing.

43% of marketers are changing how they measure email performance because of Apple’s Mail Privacy Protection, 24% aren’t making any changes (for now), and 23% still aren’t sure what they’ll do.

Plus, get insights from 13 email marketing experts: April Mullen (SparkPost), Bruce Swann (Adobe), Tabish Bhimani (Mastrat Digital), Gavin Laugenie (dotdigital), Samar Owais, Dr. Ada Y. Barlatt (OperationsAlly), Ali Fuller (Fiveable), Kara Trivunovic (Epsilon), Chad S. White (Oracle), Guilda Hilaire (Salesforce), Jen Capstraw (Women of Email), Hillel Berg, and our very own CMO Melissa Sargeant.

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