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3 Successful Tales from the Year of Email for All

This decade—oops, sorry—year, has been a long and challenging one. But even in the darkness, email marketers always seem to find the (spot)light. With tighter schedules, less budget, and screaming children, you did it. We want to keep that flame alive as we wrap up the year with three stories from Litmus customers who found a way to make things happen faster and better, despite this year’s events.

A Tale of Time Saving Templates
Chris Greufe, Sr. UX Designer @ Duke Energy

Chris joined us at Litmus Live to help the email community think of new ways to drive efficiency. Chris is a Sr. UX Designer with Duke Energy, is part of a two-person developer team that supports other internal departments. Over the last few months, they’ve focused on building templates to not only save time, but to also empower more folks on their team to build on-brand emails. Here’s where Chris saw templates save him time:

Template testing = less error: Each set of templates are tested at points along the way to ensure consistent rendering.

Evolve your process real-time: Searchable and accessible templates remove the need to send a base file to each marketer or designer each time there’s an email to create and allows the developer team to make crucial updates for rendering, consistency, or compliance.

Document, document, document: Chris’s team uses Litmus to not only build each template, but also to document key considerations for each module. Having details such as size limitations, character counts, hex colors, and more as part of the code allows teams to immediately know what they need to drive efficiency and success.

Here are some templates that can get you started →

A Story of Designing Emails for Equity and Inclusion
Leslie LeCroy and Kathryn Colohan @ Ansira

Designers and creatives at Ansira Leslie LeCroy and Kathryn Colohan helped us be better, inclusive, and equitable designers. Building a more inclusive and accessible email program can’t be done in three easy steps, but there are some actionable takeaways to start implementing ASAP. Here’s what you can work on now:

Design with accessibility in mind.
15% of the world’s population is living with some sort of disability. Your subscribers may use a screen reader to read your email out of preference in certain circumstances. Check what your email sounds like with a quick run through Litmus Checklist.

Write copy everyone can understand.
Make your emails more readable by using shorter sentences and words. Try a simpler approach with your email copy and learn what resonates better with your audience.

Challenge unconscious bias.
How can you challenge these biases? Ask questions! Challenge the stereotypical way of seeing things and avoid making assumptions.

Want to know more? Check out this blog →

An Adventure in Using Email Analytics to Inform Your Strategy
Adam MacDonald, Director of Campaign Management @ DEG

Adam MacDonald, long-time Litmus customer and bonafide email genius, helped us all be more data-driven. Adam runs email at DEG, a full-service agency, and uses Litmus Email Analytics to educate their clients and constantly improve their strategies. We caught up with Adam earlier this year and learned all the details on how his team leverages Email Analytics.

Make it part of the process.
Adding codes in just sometimes won’t work. If you’re serious about investing in Email Analytics, make creating a tracking code a part of your process. Adam’s team has it as a step in their project management software to make certain the code has been created, activated, and added to the email.

Find the metrics that matter.
Particularly for agencies, not every piece of data you get might be valuable. Adam shared an example of a large customer who only sends internal communications to thousands of employees. Their north star metric is read rate, they don’t care so much about clicks or opens since most folks open them, they just want to know if the information is resonating and the design is eye-catching. What metrics matter for your emails?

Get more juice for multi-channel campaigns.
If you’re running the same messaging across multiple channels, learn where and how it’s resonating through Litmus Email Analytics. Then, use that data to inform the future of the campaign. Adam’s team keeps a close eye on email engagement to make sure all campaigns—no matter the channel— are headed in the right direction.

Want to put Email Analytics into action for your emails? Try it for free →

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