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An Organized Approach to ESP Migrations: Previewing November’s Litmus Live Day

There’s a good chance that as your email program matures, the tools you used at the outset won’t always be the ones to fully support your efforts. With no one set way to ensure email success, selecting and building your tech stack is just as important as the content in your messages themselves.

Email marketers have been crucial members of buying groups and decision makers for selecting the next email service provider (ESP) or technology to help meet their needs. And while this can seem a daunting task at the beginning, organization and communication are keys to smooth migration success.

That’s why we’re focusing our November Litmus Live Day on these strategies to succeed. Both practitioners and marketing leaders alike will get insights and tips on how to approach migrating to a new platform. Plus, find out ways to help anticipate the unknown, making the project work in more ways than one.

Learn more—and get your questions ready—about the two sessions in this month’s Litmus Live Day on November 17th at 11am ET.

Creating a successful business case

If you’ve ever done any searching on a potential new platform, there’s a chance you might have stumbled upon Jordie van Rijn’s Email Vendor Selection. We’ve asked Jordie to join us and present the opening session with a focus on part one of the migration process: getting the internal approval to move forward with a new platform.

Perfect for marketing leaders, he’ll talk through key points that include:

  • Knowing when it’s time to consider a switch, including key metrics of how your subscribers engage with your messages as well as gathering qualitative feedback
  • Anticipating what questions may arise from other stakeholders around the process of migrating to a new platform—and how to shape answers for items you may not have specifics for yet
  • Setting budgets for both the platform and additional points, like implementation partners, that may pop up along the way

The good, the bad, the frustrating, and the insightful

Regardless of how well you’ve outlined project owners, deadlines, documentation needs, and key questions to ask, it’s inevitable that you’ll run into unplanned issues, differences in terminology, and changing business priorities that will impact your rollout.

While we can’t predict every bit of the future, we’ve asked Jaina Mistry, our own Email Marketing Manager, to lead a panel of your peers who are currently going through, or recently finished, implementing a new platform.

This session will shed light on the experiences of experts in various industries:

  • Elaine Armbruster, Sr. Director of Omnichannel Strategy, The Ohio State University
  • Jon May, Email Marketing Manager, RAC
  • Chandler Heida, Email Marketing Program Manager, Mutual of Omaha
  • Robert Davidson, Email Marketing Manager, Aztek

As we’re putting the finishing touches on the day, there’s still time to submit a question you might have on migrations and implementations for either Jordie or Jaina to help answer.

Whether a migration is something you’re already in the middle of, on the list for 2021, or just something you want to be prepared for when the time comes in the future, there’s still time to save your seat now for Litmus Live Day. We’re looking forward to (virtually) seeing you at 11am ET on November 17th!

Lauren Kremer

Lauren Kremer

Lauren Kremer was the Events Manager at Litmus