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The Best Live Email Examples to Inspire Your 2022 Strategy


Looking for inspiration to boost your 2022 email strategy? You’re in the right place—our teammates at Kickdynamic put together the most impressive live email campaigns from 2021, all in one place.

In this special collection, there’s no shortage of ideas and inspiration you can implement into your 2022 email strategy. Featured are examples of campaigns from leading brands like ASOS, Hunter, Endy, Ted Baker, Kate Spade, and more—as well as their proven results.

Email examples featured in Kickdynamic’s Best Live Emails of 2021

Here’s what you’ll get in this exclusive collection:

  • Behavioral content like product recommendations powered by Kickdynamic’s revolutionary AI prediction engine
  • Content automation via Google Shopping feeds, .csv files, XML, and API driven content
  • Personalization using CRM data and rules based on date/time of open
  • Micro relevancy such as location and weather targeted content
  • Time including countdown timers and timed content that changes after an email is sent
  • Social signals displaying engagement, adding social proof
  • Polling, live and in real time
  • The best of the rest including cart abandonment emails, user generated content through a social media feed, and brand and product ratings

Make 2022 a memorable year

See how you can create memorable, personalized experiences that take your 2022 email program and strategy to the next level.

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Kimberly Huang

Kimberly Huang

Kimberly Huang is a Content Marketing Manager at Litmus