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Delivering episode 37: The anatomy of a broken email with Magan Le

In this episode of Delivering, Litmus’ Jason Rodriguez and Magan Le talk about the many ways emails can break, what that means for the subscriber experience, and how to prevent mistakes in your own email campaigns.

Episode Topics

  • The different ways emails break (1:30)
  • Why broken emails are so impactful (2:58)
  • How Magan prevents broken emails with checklists (4:55)
  • How collaboration and workflows can prevent broken emails (8:04)
  • Examples of broken emails Magan has seen as a subscriber (9:12)
  • Magan’s broken email horror stories (10:40)
  • How to recover from broken email mistakes (13:48)

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Jason Rodriguez

Jason Rodriguez

Jason Rodriguez was the Community & Product Evangelist at Litmus