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Email Personalization 101: Preparation [Infographic]


Ensuring you have the right data is the key to creating a truly personalized email experience. Check out our infographic below to learn how to prepare your email program for personalization.

Transcript: Email Personalization 101

There are four types of data that are valuable to marketers, especially when thinking about email personalization. Understanding these types of data is just as important as figuring out how to collect them.

  • Zero-party Data: Individual-level data explicitly given to you directly from your audience.
  • First-party Data: Individual-level data collected from your audience on your own channels.
  • Second-party Data: Individual-level data acquired from a trusted partner.
  • Third-party Data: Aggregate data collected from one of more sources.

Here are the fundamentals of data that can be harnessed for personalization:

    • Email Address: Now this one is obvious, but definitely the most important piece of data needed!
    • Name: By having a recipient’s name you are able to include personalized images in each email.
    • Date of birth: With a recipient’s date of birth, you can send them an email wishing them a happy birthday. You can even entice them with specific products and deals targeted towards certain age groups.
    • Location: When you know a recipient’s location, you may be able to send emails with offers for specific locations, and even tell them where their nearest store is.
    • Industry or job role: Knowing a subscriber’s role or which industry they work in is a great way to target them with specific content which will resonate with them, in relation to their role.
    • Shopping feeds: Connecting your shopping feed allows you to send automated content with ease.
    • On-site behavior: When you track how customers behave on your site, you can suggest or feature products and offers they are more likely to enjoy. You can also show them bestselling, new arrivals, and most viewed products.
    • Click data: You can look at how to make your emails work for you through click data. Tracking how people click within your emails can be a  strong indicator for interest.

Once you have all these data collection fields in place, you’re ready to go forth and personalize!

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Martyn Lee

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