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The Litmus Team’s Favorite Emails for August 2023


It’s time for our monthly round-up of our favorite emails! Over here at Litmus HQ, we’ve handpicked a selection of emails we loved that have recently landed in our inbox.

From clever wordplay, engaging content, and scroll-stopping personalization, dive in and be inspired as we unveil the best of our inboxes.


Subject line: Tracie, you’re 12 days closer to learning Spanish. Keep it up!
Preview text: Practice now to reach a 13 day streak.

Tracie Pang (Email Marketing Manager, Litmus) says: Duolingo stopped me from scrolling in my inbox by using a few personalized elements in the subject line and preview text: my first name, the number of days I’ve consistently used the app, and one of the languages I’m currently learning.

After opening the email, I enjoyed the minimal design and how the call-to-action (CTA) button is placed above the playful animated GIF of their mascot reaching for the CTA button. What a fun way to gamify and drive me back to the app!

Really Good Emails

Subject line: These things really push my buttons

Kimberly Huang (Content Marketing Manager, Litmus) says: I’ve been a fan of Really Good Emails’ newsletter for quite some time, but this edition has become one of my favorites. They’ve taken the concept of CTA buttons, which might seem ordinary, and turned it into an engaging and educational piece. The imagery is funny (thus engaging), and the body copy strikes a balance between being informative and easily scannable—which I appreciate!


Subject line: Figma to Lottie just got a lot more cooler! ✨
Preview text: Create animations with all-new support features.

Hannah Tiner (Marketing UX Designer, Litmus) says: LottieFiles’ fun brand style is reflected so well in their emails. I also appreciate that they’re spotlighting new integration updates by leading with the integration (Figma) first, to grab the attention of users who work in Figma, rather than giving their own brand the spotlight.


Subject line: Biden to announce historic monument designation for Grand Canyon; what Japan could teach the U.S. about healthy living
Preview text: Plus, a new true crime podcast takes Pakistan by storm.

Hannah says: I’m a big fan of NPR’s emails, but this edition of Up First takes the cake. The introduction text at the top does a great job of humanizing the email and I appreciate the creative uses of emoji bullet points. My favorite section is always the “3 things to know before you go” at the bottom, this time featuring “Hank” the bear that broke into 21 homes. NPR really knows what I want to see. 


Subject line: Mercury is up to something

Abigail Sims (Senior Content Marketing Manager, Litmus): I’m a sucker for a little wordplay! The subject line is cute, and not too heavy-handed with the Mercury retrograde reference, and the body of the email continues along the same lines, encouraging the reader to “blame all their problems” on retrograde… which is coincidentally the name of one of their available bouquets. The email itself is simple and clean, with great visuals that showcase the product. 

Stay tuned for next month!

And that’s a wrap on our monthly round-up of favorite emails! We hope you enjoyed perusing our August 2023 collection. We’ll be back next month with our picks!

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