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Feature Fridays: How Endy Integrates Blog Posts Into Email


For this week’s edition of Feature Friday, we are celebrating email personalization and how Endy, an e-commerce mattress and bedding company, uses it to connect with subscribers by integrating relevant blog posts into their emails.

Endy recently sent an email campaign utilizing Litmus Personalize to integrate their latest blog posts to help increase email engagement with both potential and existing customers on the topics tailored to their preferences and onsite behavior. The blog entries give subscribers helpful information about their products and how they can help people sleep easier, such as:

  • Help choosing bed frames
  • When to switch from a crib to a bed
  • Signs its time to change your pillows

In these content focused emails, Endy dynamically features two or three blog posts from each category that pertains to them, while ensuring that the reader is always shown the latest blog entries.

Feature Friday Endy

By utilizing a feed that is connected to their website, the email is able to use content automation to dynamically update without manual updates. 

These emails can also be sent on an ongoing basis with fresh content, without the need to make any changes to the HTML physically.

Endy understands a good night’s sleep is important to their audiences. By addressing their individual needs and sleep challenges, Endy is able to send customized content to increase engagement, and drive people to their site for specific product information. 

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Martyn Lee

Martyn Lee

Martyn Lee is a Design Associate at Litmus