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How Are Email Marketers Getting Stuff Done? See Top Trends.


Changing conditions in 2020 prompted all of us to rethink strategy, alter workflows, and reduce budgets. But even with all of that, 78% of email teams said email is important to their company’s success. And with email being a prime channel to deliver empathetic, customer-centric messaging, this year proved it’s not always easy. So when 50% of marketers say optimizing email workflow is a priority, it makes total sense.

In our fifth annual State of Email Workflows report, we take a look at how over 2,000 marketers:

  • Kept their email programs humming along, even during a global pandemic
  • Managed their review and approval process
  • Measured their campaign performance
  • …and more

I’ll give you a sneak peek of one of the top workflow trends:

Teams relied on ESP-provided tools more often. This included tools to conduct code editing, CSS inlining, and testing happened in email service providers (ESPs) more often than in past years.

Find out other top email workflow trends, identify opportunities for improvement, and see how your team stacks up in our full report.