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[Report] How to Improve Email Review Cycles and Approvals


Half of email marketers see their email review and approval process as too lax or too burdensome.

Yikes. That’s a high number.

A process that’s too lax might not involve enough people or a proper review cycle. A process that’s too burdensome might involve way too many people—or the wrong people—or an exhausting amount of reviews.

Sadly, we’re seeing the number of email marketers that view their reviews and approvals as appropriate shrinking year after year: 62% in 2017, 60% in 2018, 58% in 2019, and now 52% in 2020.

So how do we get that number back up? In our ebook, “How to Improve Email Review Cycles and Approvals,” we use findings from our latest State of Email Survey to uncover:

  1. How an approvals process that’s too lax or too burdensome can hurt your business
  2. How to reduce last-minute changes to approved emails
  3. How tools like Litmus Proof can help you streamline cumbersome review processes

Download your copy today to get full access to the data and advice that will help you create an effective and efficient email approval process.

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