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This Month in Email: A Recap of Email Marketing News in July 2023

Welcome back to the latest and greatest edition of This Month in Email, your go-to series for all the latest happenings in the world of email marketing.

This edition contains all the hottest headlines from July 2023, so strap in while we catch you up on the latest in email. (Spoiler: A lot of it’s about Barbie.)

📰 News headlines

💅 Barbenheimer: It’s all we can think about

✨ The biggest email event of the year is almost here…

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    • and so much more!

📊 Email Client Market Share

The top 10 most popular email clients of June 2023 (source: Litmus’ Email Client Market Share) are:

  1. Apple: 58.55%
  2. Gmail: 28.17%
  3. Outlook: 4.33%
  4. Yahoo Mail: 1.56%
  5. Google Android: 1.48%
  6. 0.64%
  7. Thunderbird: 0.25%
  8. Samsung Mail: 0.15%
  9. Windows Live Mail: 0.05%
  10. QQ Mail: 0.05%

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