What exactly is email client market share and why is it important?

Litmus has reported on email client market share over the years to help email marketers everywhere understand monthly market trends for email clients, like Gmail, Apple Mail, and more. Knowing these movements empowers marketers to make better decisions when it comes to strategy and prioritization for design, coding, and overall email program focus.

Apple’s Mail Privacy Protection (MPP) went into effect on September 20, 2021, impacting Apple Mail users on iOS 15, iPadOS 15, and macOS Monterey devices, regardless of email services.

Marketers will no longer be able to see reliable open rates, open times, geolocation, or device usage for users who opt into MPP, impacting the way Apple market share is analyzed. As a result, we have broken market share information into two sections: Post- and pre-MPP launch.

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April 2023 Email Client Market Share

Calculated from over 1.3 billion opens in Litmus Email Analytics in March 2023. Data and trends from post-Apple MPP launch.


Apple market share includes email client usage for the following:
Apple Mail Privacy Protection – 56.46%, Apple Mail – 1.49%, Apple iPhone – 0.86%, Apple iPad – 0.14%*

*Current month breakdown.

Yahoo! Mail
Google Android
Samsung Mail

Detection for Orange.fr was added on June 2022.

Windows Live Mail

Historic Market Share Information

This is a snapshot view of stats pre-MPP, calculated from over 13 billion opens in Litmus Email Analytics from August 2020 to August 2021

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Email client market share

About these stats
This leaderboard of the most popular webmail, desktop, and mobile email clients is compiled from data collected worldwide by Litmus Email Analytics, and displays figures for the top 10 email clients. These statistics have traditionally been updated each month, and are current as of May 1, 2023.

Since determining the client in which an email is opened requires images to be displayed, the data for some email clients and mobile devices might be over- or under-represented due to automatic image blocking.

Variations in market share are expected for individual audiences and demographics. More email clients can be detected using Litmus Email Analytics.

You may republish this data on a non-commercial basis. Please cite Litmus Email Client Market Share as your source, and link to www.litmus.com/email-client-market-share/. You may not charge to include this data in reports or presentations. If you’d like to use this data commercially, please contact us.

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