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This Month in Email: A Recap of Email Marketing in March 2023

It’s everyone’s favorite time of the month—time for This Month in Email! In this issue, we’ll cover all the latest and greatest happenings in the world of email marketing.

Read on for the biggest headlines shaping the email industry in March 2023.

📰News headlines

🌊 Community happenings

Thar she blows! There’s data on the horizon. And if you’re feeling generous, it could be yours. We’re collecting responses for the 2023 State of Email Design report, and there’s still time to get yours in! Share what makes your heart beat faster when it comes to email designs—and we’ll share our findings with you at close. 

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📊Email Client Market Share

Here are the top 10 most popular email clients from February 2023 (source: Litmus’ Email Client Market Share).

  1. Apple: 59.81%
    1. Apple Mail Privacy: 53.95%
    2. Apple iPhone: 3.71%
    3. Apple Mail: 1.75%
    4. Apple iPad: 0.40%
  2. Gmail: 27.21%
  3. Outlook: 4.42%
  4. Yahoo Mail: 2.91%
  5. Google Android: 1.50%
  6. 0.66%
  7. Samsung Mail: 0.17%
  8. 0.07%
  9. 0.06%
  10. Windows Live Mail: 0.06%

🤖 AI headlines 2: electric boogaloo

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Abigail Sims

Abigail Sims

Abigail Sims was a Content Marketing Manager at Litmus