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Your Go-To Email Workflow Checklist [Infographic]

You’ve read the report, absorbed all the data, and it’s time to take action. But… What action? 

In this email workflow checklist, we’ll share five simple steps you can follow to make your workflows more efficient right now, today. 

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Transcript: Your Go-to Email Workflow Checklist 

Want to improve your email workflow? Follow these five simple steps to success. 

#1 Bring snippets to production 

The majority of marketers believe that building an email with a library of standardized snippets is the best way to build emails. If you haven’t moved past copy-and-paste land and entered the brave new world of snippets… This is your sign to make the jump. 

42% of marketers would prefer to build an email by using a library of standard components, snippets, or partials!

#2 Improve collaboration

One of the most challenging parts of the email production cycle is the process of collecting feedback and getting buy-in. Streamline the review process with a tool that makes collaboration easy—like Litmus—to take your collaboration skills to the next level. 

Q: What are the biggest obstacles in the email production cycle? A: Collecting feedback (35%), Content creation (34%), and Getting buy in from all stakeholders (32%)

#3 Welcome automation 

Please welcome our new robot overlords… And put them to work for you. Automating certain routine emails can be a great way to cut down on time and effort for your team. Onboarding, reactivation, and reengagement are all great places to start automating emails. 

Most common emails to automate: Onboarding or post-purchase emails (55%) came in first, followed by Customer reactivation or winback (31%), and then Subscriber reengagement (32%).

#4 Embrace integration 

Your email team shouldn’t be siloed! Integrate your email tools with other platforms in your tech stack to send highly personalized and highly targeted emails to exactly the right subscribers at the right time. 

Fast fact: 30% of marketers we surveyed said they will spend up to 15% more on Integration of email with other channels in 2023

#5 Measure your ROI

If your email team isn’t measuring Return on Investment (ROI), you’re missing out on a powerful way to advocate for your team and get more resources allocated to your department. Email is still one of the most efficient marketing tactics—so make sure your stakeholders know that. 

Common ROI metrics include: Grow sales/revenue (41%), Boost customer retention (41%), Generate marketing or sales qualified leads (MQL or SQL) (40%).

Want to learn more about the data behind better email workflows? Check out The 2023 State of Email Workflows Report to get all the details*. 

*Where did we get all this data? These insights are derived from Litmus’ 2023 State of Email Workflows Report. 

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