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Email Design Podcast #53: Native Android Email App Rendering and Background Images in Windows 10 Mail

In the 53rd episode of The Email Design Podcast, hosts Kevin Mandeville and Jason Rodriguez dive into native Android email app rendering, the ins and outs of T-Online client rendering, a new workaround for background images in Windows 10 Mail, and more! Be sure to follow along and join in the discussion on Twitter using #EmailDesignPodcast.

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In this episode:

    • (0:36) The Ultimate Guide to Email on Android: There are two key differences to understand for email on Android: 1) the Gmail app rendering varies depending on account type. addresses have full embedded CSS and media query support, whereas POP/IMAP accounts (such as,, etc.) do not. 2) The native stock email app on Android 5.0 and above does not have embedded CSS or media query support, though this does not currently have a large real world implementation use case at the moment.
    • (4:55) T-Online email client rendering: Now supported in Litmus Instant Email Previews, T-Online is a pretty typical webmail client. Key points to be aware of is that T-Online does not support media queries, CSS animation, web fonts, background images, or videos.
    • (7:50) Workaround for background image support in Windows 10 Mail: Thanks to Marshall Gerz for discovering a simple hack which switches how we’ve been using VML to leverage <v:image> as the key to unlocking background image support in Windows 10 Mail.
    • (11:13) #EmailHacks: Litmus is debuting a brand new session at #LitmusLive this year and we want you to come and show off your coolest HTML email hacks or side projects!
    • (15:33) EmailThis | Open Source Template: We found a great new “Pocket/Instapaper for Email” that allows you to send articles or web pages directly to your inbox in an elegant typographic email template (which was open sourced by the creators!).
    • (18:30) Everlane drops Facebook Messenger efforts for email: Another example of a big brand shifting all of its core messaging off of a social network to focus on email marketing.
    • (21:22) Email of the Week: Modern Automotive Performance Order Confirmation


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Kevin Mandeville

Kevin Mandeville

Kevin Mandeville was a Product Manager at Litmus