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How An Email Marketing Solution Can Optimize Your Strategy

Smart marketers know email marketing is still a foundational piece of any successful strategy due to its ability to engage with interested audiences and high propensity to covert. And as for younger generations, they still like receiving messages in their inbox as well with 73% of millennials preferring email communication from businesses. The power of the inbox is real and should not be undervalued. 

As personalization improves, privacy regulations tighten, ROI is scrutinized, and consumers’ expectations for brand communication grows, there are added complexities to email. It’s unrealistic for marketers to be able to consider all of this with every send, and honestly, who wants to?

Combining your email content with an all-in-one email marketing solution saves you headaches of considering each detail and enables email to be your most effective and efficient channel, giving customers what they want—every time you hit send on a campaign.

Why a dedicated email marketing solution makes sense

Email marketing is only as powerful and effective as the data you use to drive it. And managing the data manually is not realistic—or scalable. With the rules around data collection and managing privacy permissions always in flux, an email marketing solution can help you retrieve data points, no matter how sophisticated, without manual processes.

An automated email marketing tool allows you to focus more of your time strategizing and optimizing the customer experience throughout the journey. The results? Better content and happier subscribers. 

Benefits of using an email marketing solution

Strategize and test in one place

With all of your subscribers and campaign data in one place, you can adequately strategize on execution. This saves time, effort, and a bit of sanity. Creating the perfect email campaign and delivering error-free every time is a team effort. Utilizing one single point of creation where people across teams and departments can collaborate and give feedback streamlines the process and helps get emails out the door faster. 

Benefits of a centralized system include:

  • Taking the guesswork out of design
  • Reducing manual processes
  • Automating pre-send testing
  • Consolidating feedback to avoid redundancy

Analyze engagement and optimize accordingly

Performance results inform your future campaigns. If you have to track metrics from multiple sources, analyzing what worked (or didn’t), it can be a lengthy process. For businesses, time is money, and being able to understand each email’s performance is imperative to be able to cut through the clutter in the inbox.

Being able to translate the data into actionable steps is also critical. An email marketing solution shows you beyond the basic metrics with engagement trends, customer lifetime value, ROI, and more so that you can truly quantify your campaign’s impact.

Benefits of detailed email analysis:

Learn how to improve the customer experience 

While marketers may view platforms and channels individually, customers perceive a brand’s entire marketing strategy in one holistic view. Learnings from one campaign can be used to inform the whole omnichannel marketing approach to provide more seamless and cohesive messaging. 

Email can uncover invaluable details to drastically improve your overall digital strategy. By understanding what your ideal customer wants through an email marketing solution, you can adjust your go-to-market strategy, the frequency of communication, and product and promotion rollouts to build long-lasting customer loyalty.

Benefits of sharing email marketing insights:

  • Increase budget efficiency
  • Identify common themes and areas of collaboration
  • Spot customer trends from an engaged audience

As the demand for email marketing performance increases, marketers are looking for ways to not only increase engagement and conversions, but get more from their efforts. With limited staff and time, investing in an email marketing solution reduces errors, increases productivity, and keeps customers coming back for more.

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Maria Coleman

Maria Coleman

Maria Coleman was a Senior Content Marketing Manager at Litmus