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Bringing You Better Email Personalization Powered by Kickdynamic


As you’ve probably heard, our team expanded in 2021 to include the amazing crew from Kickdynamic, which offers the leading AI-driven dynamic content solution. We are so excited to be able to incorporate their amazing capabilities into the Litmus platform and help businesses impress their subscribers with truly unique and individualized experiences through email personalization.

We wanted to take this opportunity to give you more insight about why Litmus and Kickdynamic are joining forces and what this means for the future of email for Litmus customers. 

You likely already know we really love email here at Litmus. We have created an easy-to-use set of solutions to help create email campaigns that are easy to implement and deliver on performance. In fact, we use it ourselves and are constantly working to refine our offerings and how we do business. 

Creating a hyper-relevant experience 

In doing so, we understand that subscribers expect personalization and we want to offer a way to easily provide that at scale. Enter, Kickdynamic. By combining data and automation, their technology delivers hyper-relevant email copy and imagery that not only looks great, but appeals to audiences, tailored to each phase of the customer journey. 

In order to get better results through email experiences, Kickdynamic harnesses the power of AI-driven recommendations with the help of CRM data (think zero and first-party data), behavioral insights, and subscriber-related factors such as popular products, sales or promotions, subscriber location, or even weather conditions at the time of open. By moving beyond basic segmentation and personalization (e.g. Hi %%NAME%%), dynamic email messages can be delivered through any ESP, which is good for everyone, but particularly good for business. 

Personalization in a data-centric world

As privacy regulations such as Apple Mail Privacy Protection (MPP) continue to evolve, email personalization will become even more important. Tailoring an email requires data and with limitations in place, it will become increasingly important for businesses to address every subscribers’ personal preferences. To do so, we must consider innovative ways to collect customer details and take the extra step to retain information at every interaction—creating an overall better brand experience. 

By incorporating interactive content such as polling, product recommendations based on  individual, or collective site behavior—all of which are accessible with Kickdynamic—marketers can gain additional insights that will not only aid in their email marketing strategies, but also contribute to omnichannel targeting efforts. 

It will also help product and service mapping, inventory adjustments, and new product introductions based on what audiences are seeking. Proactively creating deeply engaging experiences ultimately helps in every aspect to increase customer activity, purchases, and retention and ongoing subscriber insights. 

The future of email marketing

With the integration of content automation and predictive recommendations through Kickdynamic, we are continuing to strive toward our mission of helping email marketers get the most out of their campaigns and do so at scale. 

Click here to see how Litmus Personalize, powered by Kickdynamic, empowers you to use email personalization to create individualized experiences at scale.

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Maria Coleman

Maria Coleman

Maria Coleman was a Senior Content Marketing Manager at Litmus