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The Litmus Team’s Favorite Emails for September 2023


The temperature is dropping, the scarves and hats are coming out, and we’re all bundled up and ready for fall proper. And what better way to celebrate the changing of the seasons than with the best and brightest of the inbox? Curl up with your cozy socks and a cup of tea, and dig into our team’s favorite emails from this month. 

Here are the Litmus team’s favorite emails of September 2023! 🍂

Copper Cow Coffee

Subject line: SURPRISE – IT’S BACK!

Angie says: The design of this email is beautiful. It has one main call-to-action (CTA), but a couple nested below the main imagery in case you want something else from them. Really love Copper Cow Coffee’s emails. 


Subject line: ALL THE… FALL THINGS

Preview text: TRUTH CARE, TRUTH BRINGS (you our NEW Quilted Collection)

Tracie says: I love a good song reference in the subject line and preview text! Chubbies managed to tie in a well-loved Blink-182 song to their latest fall collection. Also, I appreciate how they stay on brand and apply humor in their email footer while still staying compliant. Their unsubscribe CTA says “Never wanna hear from us again? Dang, that’s harsh, but if you must, you can Unsubscribe” and they refer to their terms and conditions as “important legal mumbo jumbo.”


Subject line: New granular Space permissions and more 🔐

Preview text: Granular Space permissions, Drill-Downs on Bar Charts, and access your work even faster with this week’s new feature releases

Tracie says: ClickUp regularly sends new feature release emails that highlight new features within the platform. Their use of animated GIFs in the email gives you a brief tutorial of the new feature and encourages you to check out all the features on their release doc. 


Subject line: 🤘 Welcome to Bandsintown Concerts

Hannah says: This concert email from Bandsintown has bold colors, great font fallbacks, lots of live text, and organized sections. I especially love how personalized it is, not just the first name, but leading with an action I’d just taken and ending with customized suggestions for other artists to follow.

Pit Viper

Subject line: Welcome to The Pit Viper Electronic Newsletter

Abigail says: I signed up for the Pit Viper newsletter based on Lianna Patch’s great session at Litmus Live, and it has not disappointed. This email copy is an endless stream of surprise, delight, and honestly—giggles. How often do you get to see the word “jabroni” in your inbox?

Stay tuned for next month!

And there you have it: The Litmus Team’s favorite emails of September 2023! Stay tuned for next month’s delivery of the best of our inboxes. 😉

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