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How Litmus uses Email Analytics: webinar recording + Q&A


Everyone wants to be data-driven, but when it comes down to it, email marketers are often left with only clicks and opens to make important decisions that impact the entire business. Yikes.

In December, Magan Le, content marketing manager at Litmus and recovering email marketer, was in the weeds learning what worked for our own emails last year, what didn’t, and how we can work that into our whole content strategy using data from Litmus Email Analytics and other sources.

We recently got together to share some of her use cases along with Lauren Kremer, our events manager, as we walked through the different data points in Litmus Email Analytics. Pretty insightful stuff! You can watch the recording below:


A big thank you to everyone who chimed in during the live webinar with a question! Here’s a recap of our answers to the most popular questions along with some of the questions we didn’t get to. Have any additional questions? Please leave them in the comments.

How should we use tracking codes? One for every email? One for every campaign?

It really depends on what you want to learn. For some, individual email results might not be that compelling or valuable—like when you’re splitting up an email send just to warm up a new IP or domain—so you may want to look at the campaign as a whole. For others, like A/B testing, you’ll want to know the results of that specific email to truly determine a winner.

How can we see Dark Mode usage?

If you’re already using Litmus Email Analytics, you’ll need to update your code following the steps outlined in this article. But if you’re new to the game, just create a code and insert into your email—great surprises await!

How can I remove personally identifiable information (PII) about my subscribers in Email Analytics?

You’ll want to create a tracking code, then set your ESP to “other.” From there, you can modify the tracking code as needed. More detailed instructions are in this help article.

Lyla Rozelle

Lyla Rozelle

Lyla Rozelle was a Senior Customer Marketing Manager at Litmus