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Life at Litmus: How Remote Work Makes It Easier to Balance Family and Career


“Why do you want to work remote?” That was the question I heard over and over when interviewing at Litmus. And truthfully, the last thing I wanted to say was to have more time with my family. As a mother of a young child, I didn’t want people to think I would be any less committed than other candidates.

There’s this stigma that as a full-time working mother you’re distracted, work isn’t a priority, you can’t be dedicated to both your family and work. It’s not true, but it is a balancing act—they don’t call it work-life balance for nothing! Luckily that stigma does not exist at Litmus (and good news—they hired me!). Even better, I learned that remote work somehow takes that balance to the next level by allowing you to be more dedicated to both work and family.

Remote work makes me a better parent—and a better employee

Although I had visions of the positive side effects of remote life (I can knock out a load of laundry at lunch time!), I had no idea the overall impact working remotely would have on my family life. Besides making it easier to manage all job and mom duties, the stress and guilt that inevitably arises when your kid is sick or you have to work late on a project is way less. And even though I literally have never done laundry at lunch time, the idea that I could just puts my mind at ease.

When I had my second daughter while working at Litmus, the benefits were amplified. From slowly easing my daughter into daycare to pumping in the comfort of my own home, remote work helped make a tough transition much more bearable, and in turn made me all the more grateful and eager to contribute to the Litmus culture.

We believe that a healthy work-life balance makes all the difference

One of our core team values here is “Be beyond Litmus,” which encompasses this healthy work-life balance. It’s not just us employees that benefit from having more family time or happier personal lives though. Better employee experiences lead to more engaged employees, which in turn makes companies perform better overall. It’s a win-win. The flexibility of remote work and the time it has allowed me to put back into my family makes me happy to come to work every day and deliver the best experience for our amazing customers.

Making an impact throughout the company

And luckily, my story is just one of many! Recently, in one of our weekly Know Your Team emails, we asked everyone to share how remote work has positively impacted their lives. Although it wasn’t exactly surprising that many people mentioned family (including pet family members), it’s awesome to hear just how much of a difference a remote-first culture is making in our lives.

Here are some of our other stories:

Heather M., Director of Email Marketing:I’m able to take time out to do small errands around the house that otherwise would have taken away time that I’d be spending with my daughter in the evenings, so it’s given me more time to spend with my child which is absolutely priceless as a single parent.”

Eddie C., Sr. Director of Engineering: “Remote has allowed me to move closer to family, to an area where we can maximize our quality of life. Combined with Litmus’ flexible scheduling, so many positives have spun out from that… I’m a more active, involved parent, I’m home in time to have dinner with the family, etc. Having grown up with two working parents (3 jobs between them), I say this with all sincerity, we are #blessed!”

Suzanne B., General Counsel: “I have been able to sit down for weeknight dinner with my family more times during the past year+ that I have worked at Litmus than I was able to the entire 8 years I worked at my last job. I am so thankful that Litmus is remote and family friendly!”

Demetrius S., Account Executive: “Working remote has made a huge impact on me and my family. It gives a lot of flexibility to run a quick errand without taking a full day off. I have just purchased a new house in a new town and it requires a lot of little things like getting a resident card, getting the kids registered for school, changing doctors, etc. These are 30 mins errands.”

Ana C., Software Engineer:When my dog got sick last year, I was able to take care of her until her last days while I was working at home. I can’t imagine having to be in an office, and leaving my sick dog at home or at a clinic.”

Blake W., Data Analyst: “Remote work has impacted my life in multiple ways! The biggest being I never missed a day with my daughter when she was first born. I got to be involved with her day, change her diaper, play with her, be present really.”

Being present, both at work and for your family, is not a small thing. While many love the remote benefits of being able to travel and work anywhere in the world (which really deserves its own full story), for others, just being able to be present at home is what makes all the difference.

Interested in joining the Litmus team? We’re hiring!

If you’re interested in becoming part of the Litmus team, please check out our open positions. We can’t wait to hear from you. And when we ask you why you want to work remotely, now you know that it’s okay to say that you’d like to spend more time with your family. We get it.

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