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Litmus + Asana: Keep Your Team In The Loop And Projects On Track With Our New Partnership


Getting a great email out the door isn’t easy. Not just because mastering the channel itself is hard—mastering the process is, too! You need the right copy and creative from your team. You need to communicate with your developer and QA team. All stakeholders must be kept in the loop. You must manage client requirements, email approvals, and deadlines. And, if you’re working on multiple campaigns at the same time, things can get even more complicated.

So it’s no surprise that more than 70% of email marketers rely on project management software to help juggle deliverables, stakeholders, and processes. Today, we’re excited to share that Litmus now integrates with one of the most popular project management tools: Asana.

Litmus- Asana Integration

With our brand-new Litmus and Asana partnership, keeping your team in the loop and your projects on track just got a whole lot easier. Here’s how.

  • Seamlessly integrate email creation into your marketing projects.
    Email creation doesn’t happen in a silo. In most cases, emails are part of larger, multi-channel campaigns with stakeholders across teams and departments. With the Litmus and Asana partnership, you can seamlessly integrate your email creation process into your team’s campaign management workflow so you can execute on-brand campaigns, faster.
  • Streamline communication with stakeholders.
    Keep all stakeholders up-to-date on the status of email projects with automatic task syncs between Litmus and Asana, eliminating the need to update tasks in both platforms, saving time, and preventing miscommunication.
  • Get full visibility into the status of email projects.
    If you’re managing multiple email projects at the same time, it’s hard to keep track of the status of all in-progress campaigns. With Litmus and Asana, you can get full visibility into the status of email projects without switching between tools. The seamless sync of tasks between Litmus and Asana makes it easy to stay on top of status updates, so you can rest assured that projects stay on track.

Empowering marketers to get more done with Litmus and Asana

The new Litmus integration supports Asana for Marketing and Creative Teams, Asana’s new end-to-end solution for brands to manage their marketing and design process—from start to finish. Asana chose Litmus alongside Adobe and Slack as the inaugural partners for this new program, allowing you to connect the everyday essential marketing tools you rely on most.

Keeping team members connected and tasks on track are some of the biggest challenges for marketing and creative teams. We’re proud to partner with Litmus for the launch of Asana for Marketing and Creative Teams, empowering teams to easily integrate their marketing processes with their email creation and testing workflow, resulting in faster, high-quality email campaign execution.

Dave King, Head of Marketing at Asana

Unlock the power of the Litmus and Asana integration today

Are you ready to get started with Litmus and Asana? The integration is available to all Litmus users. All you need to do is connect your Litmus Checklist to your Asana project to sync status updates between the two tools.

Not a Litmus customer yet? Get started today and bring your email creation process to the next level with Litmus and its seamless integrations with your existing marketing tools.