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Please Welcome Litmus AI Recommendations & New Ways to Build & Test Emails!

We’re tapping our spoons on our glasses, everyone… Please welcome the latest and greatest selection of improvements to the Litmus experience! This August, we’re proud to announce the most cutting-edge selection of updates yet—including enhanced artificial intelligence (AI) personalization capabilities, email-ready snippets, automatic Brand Indicators for Message Identification (BIMI) checks, and so much more! 

Ready to find out more about what’s new in Litmus? Read on to get the scoop.👇

NEW: AI Recommendations 

Introducing smarter, faster AI Recommendations from Litmus! Harness the power of AI personalization alongside our existing advanced email creation and testing capabilities to craft engaging, on-brand emails and make every send count™. 

With Litmus AI Recommendations, you’ll be able to automatically combine your shopper behavior data and your most up-to-date product feeds and easily serve individualized product recommendations at scale to boost engagement and revenue. Nice. 

Benefits include…

  • Serve smarter recommendations to subscribers. Our AI will analyze your product catalog + your shopper behaviors, increasing conversions, average order value, and overall email-driven revenue!
  • Easily promote common types of recommendations such as items that are frequently bought together, added to a cart together, recently viewed, and more.

Artificial intelligence is taking the world by storm, and we are excited to be on the forefront of innovation with Litmus AI Recommendations. Get a demo and let us know what you think! We welcome your feedback. 

Litmus Builder enhancements 

You asked and we listened; we’ve made some exciting recent updates—based on feedback from email marketers like you—to help you build faster and test smarter in Litmus! 

Read on to check out the latest updates to Litmus Builder, as of August 2023!

The latest in Litmus Builder…

  • Email-Ready Snippets from Litmus. It’s never been easier to grow your email design system with email-ready modules from Litmus. With just one click, you can now add 20 customizable snippets, built and tested by the Litmus team, to your Design Library. (Plus, every snippet is already optimized for mobile and Dark Mode!)
  • Code Formatting Controls. Our new Code Formatting Controls help you code faster and smarter with the ability to maintain indentation, tab width, and more, right from the start. Properly formatting HTML is hard but necessary, and this update makes it easier than ever to code right the first time. 

Testing enhancements

Finally, let’s talk about Testing enhancements! We’re constantly testing and innovating ourselves, and we know you are too—so, of course we need to be doing the same with our testing processes, as well. These fixes and enhancements are the direct result of your feedback on our email testing tools, so let us know what you think! And of course, keep that feedback coming. 

Read on to check out the latest changes to Testing, as of August 2023! 

The latest in Testing… 

  • BIMI Validation. Litmus will now automatically run a BIMI validation check for every email sent, in order to ensure BIMI is set up and configured appropriately. As this new email standard continues to increase in popularity, we’re here to make sure that if you’re using BIMI, it never goes missing.
  • New Accessibility Checks. Litmus’ new accessibility checks bring even more resources into the hands of marketers, with more than 40 new checks and best practice resources built right into Previews & QA and Litmus Builder. Accessibility should be a seamless step in the email workflow, and we’re here to help make that happen.
  • Litmus Lists in Email Testing Profiles. Email Testing Profiles in Litmus lets you customize lists of email clients and devices for focused testing. We’ve added pre-built Litmus Lists in Email Testing Profiles, so that all Litmus customers can take advantage of focused testing with zero setup.

Take our latest features for a test run!

Thanks for tuning in to our August product launch! We’re so excited to be harnessing the power of AI Recommendations for email, and helping teams like yours keep innovating with the best tools available. Got feedback for us? Let us know your thoughts on LinkedIn, Twitter, or in our Community hubWant to get your hands on all the latest email features? Get your free trial of Litmus today!

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Abigail Sims

Abigail Sims

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