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New Email Metrics: Two seconds to make an impression


Our data shows that 51% of recipients delete your email within two seconds of opening it.

I can tell you this because I’ve been examining the data we’ve collected from our new Email Analytics tool. We’ve tracked more than 4 million opens across hundreds of different email campaigns. There are some very revealing statistics.

Here’s what I’ve discovered so far. Remember, these figures concern only the recipients who opened your email—we’re breaking down the open rate here.

  • On average, 51.1% of readers spend less than 2 seconds looking at your email
  • In the best email campaigns, 77% of people fully read the message
  • On average, 0.12% of readers printed the email
  • In one campaign (a coupon), 4% of people printed the message
  • On average, 0.63% of readers forwarded the email
  • In the most viral campaign, 9% of readers forwarded the email

I’ll be following up with more stats and metrics as we continue to explore the data.

If you’re interested to see how your own email campaigns compare to these figures, try running our Email Analytics on your next mailing.

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