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Why Email Testers Are The Unsung Marketing Heroes

Hey, you. The person in the weeds every day working to create better and more impactful emails for your company. Do you realize how important your role is? The time you invest in testing each email your team sends out is paying off. There are ROI stats to prove it.

Brands that invest the time in extensive pre-send testing see a 26% increase in ROI.

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You know the effort you put in day in and day out, but sometimes it’s hard to articulate your contributions. Next time you find yourself explaining your efforts to your boss, keep in mind the following reasons why email testers are crucial to company success.

How email testing makes you an important part of the team

Email testing is just as necessary as strategy, copywriting, and design. Think of it as the final piece of the email marketing puzzle, and one that can throw a wrench in your plans if ignored. Here are some of the reasons that an email tester is a vital team member.

You’re committed to upholding brand values and image

Consistency and quality go a long way in maintaining your brand’s reputation. Not only are great emails critical for retaining customers, but they can also earn you praise from fellow marketers. Plus, what boss wouldn’t want an employee that demonstrates time and time again that they want to do what’s best for the company as a whole?

You’re willing to take a few moments to get it right the first time

The best team members are forward-thinking and always striving for improvement. Testing emails before they’re sent signals an understanding of the “big picture” and a dedication to quality. When it comes to building a long-term relationship with your subscribers, details matter. The fact that you’re going the extra step to ensure your emails are nothing but perfect shows you pay attention to details and recognize their value.

You protect your brand from costly mistakes

Taking a couple of minutes to test each email before sending it can also prevent seriously embarrassing (or expensive) fails. I’m sure we don’t have to elaborate on why you’d want to avoid having to tell your boss you made a big oops. Also, an employee that doesn’t need constant monitoring or reminding to do great work is a boss’ dream. 

You stay aware of changes that affect emails

Email testing software keeps track of all the little changes that email clients make that can affect how (and if) your emails appear to customers. While this means you don’t have to spend time studying these minute details constantly, you still have a greater awareness of how email marketing is evolving. Not to mention that fact that you’re probably the first on your team to dive into the state of the industry reports.

Whether you realize it or not, each time you choose to test an email you’re making sure each email that goes out the door is nothing but perfect. It’s because of you that all the work that went into designing, writing, and coding a campaign doesn’t go to waste because of a small oversight. This makes you a vital part of your team and company. A few moments running each email through Litmus can prevent mistakes from slipping through the cracks. Curious about how to become an even better email tester? Learn how you can streamline your email testing process with Litmus.

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