Get more from email marketing than you ever thought possible

Purpose-built for optimizing your full email workflow, Litmus makes it easy to up-level your email strategy and drive results. We know every minute matters when it comes to creating great emails and our scalable, reliable solution is designed to fit your organization’s needs.

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A Complete & Seamless Email Workflow To Save Time And Effort

Build, review, test, and analyze emails in a single view. Easily push changes across all Litmus features in one click to speed up production and ensure quality.

Easily Manage Teams With Separate Subaccounts

Gain complete visibility and control with separate subaccounts for each of your clients or teams.


Save up to 50% on development time—without additional headcount. Build more effective emails, faster, to scale efforts and drive better results.

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Email Creation Made Easy For All

Make creating exceptional emails easy for your entire team—regardless of technical coding skills—with intuitive drag-and-drop modular building and the robust HTML code editor within Litmus Builder.

Build Brand-Compliant Emails At Scale

Easily organize and update reusable email code modules and templates in one centralized location with Litmus Design Library. Make it easy for all team members to build brand-compliant emails at scale and track all changes for a complete system of record.


Get smarter with your email QA process with tools to help focus and speed your testing. Even as email programs become more complex, your team is equipped to never send a broken email.

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The Most Comprehensive Testing Coverage

Test on the most comprehensive list of 100+ email clients and devices, including Dark Mode, with a Litmus Test. Gain visibility into which clients and devices your subscribers are using most so you can focus your testing on areas of greatest impact.

Email Previews That Won’t Slow You Down

Speed up your email production process with email previews that render in seconds, not minutes.

Easily Test Dynamic, Personalized Email Content

Efficiently test multiple variations of dynamic content in a single click right where you build with Litmus Extension. Dynamic content testing is supported in Marketo, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Adobe Campaign Standard, and Oracle Responsys.


Create workflows that free you to focus on the campaign elements that matter—and the decisions that drive conversions.

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A Better Way To Review And Approve Emails

Avoid the hassle of having to comment on each individual email preview and improve collaboration with Litmus Proof, a single, centralized tool for providing feedback and approvals. Tag stakeholders to instantly notify them via Slack and/or email that their input has been requested to keep projects moving, and cut review cycles. If a change is needed, easily make the change in Builder and push it live to instantly update the proof, keeping stakeholders on the same page at all times.


Litmus cuts through the clutter. We’ll help you extract the right insights so you can understand, at a glance, what’s most likely to move the needle.

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Reliable Insights To Optimize Email Success

Automatically filter and analyze reliable insights with Litmus Email Analytics to stay ahead of rising data-privacy measures and understand what content, tactics, and CTAs drive the best results. Plus, track dark mode usage by default for your entire audience, including those impacted by data-privacy protection.

An Integrated View Of Performance

Break down data silos that get in the way of email optimization. Automatically sync email performance data from your ESP for an at-a-glance view of your entire email program to quickly identify opportunities to innovate and improve your email program based on actual subscriber behavior – directly inside Litmus.

Inform The Broader Marketing Strategy

Stay on top of subscriber trends and behaviors with a weekly digest of your Integrated Insight. Plus, invite marketing stakeholders to subscribe, too, and give them visibility into email performance that can inform the broader marketing strategy.

Expert support and strategic support

Our Customer Success Managers provide our Enterprise clients with tailored onboarding and dedicated Account Managers to make sure you’re getting the most out of Litmus.