COVID-19 has forced people indoors—and companies online.

At the center of this movement? Email.

That’s why 2020 is the year of email for all.

Empathy is more important than ever. Subscribers expect personalized experiences. And companies are leaning more heavily on email to hit the right note. Empower you and your team (no matter the skill level) to deliver personalized, on-brand experiences at scale.

Whatever your struggle, we have your back. We’ll show you how with the data, resources, and product updates we worked on this year.


The pandemic has caused companies and consumers alike to shift online. How has this affected email marketing programs? We surveyed over 2,000 marketing professionals and analyzed nearly 10 billion email opens in 2020. Here’s what we found…

The ROI of email is $36 for every $1 spent—with personalized emails getting 122% more back.1

Get Personal

How many subscribers actually read emails in Dark Mode? Very early data shows 36% of Apple iPhone users do.2 And the iPhone takes the cake in email client market share (so you don’t want to mess that one up).

Optimize the inbox experience

With a lot of emails to send, it’s no wonder 25% of companies want to spend less time on coding & development and 27% want to spend less time on testing & troubleshooting.3

Scale your email builds

coding and development


testing and troubleshooting


of companies under-resourced


adding full-time email staff

More than 40% of companies say email marketing is under-resourced, yet only 12% plan to add full-time email staff this year (half as much as last year!).1

Empower other teammates

52% more people are involved in email reviews and approvals this year than last1—and that can be a drag.

Get (and give) feedback in a snap

more reviewers


of companies

52% of companies spend at least two weeks producing an email3... much too long to react to all the changes 2020 has thrown our way.

Create better emails, faster

As you can see, 2020 has affected email pros in many different ways—and we’ve got the resources that can help. So tell us...

What's been your biggest email struggle this year?

Ahh, the eternal struggle. What’s your priority for getting engagement?

The struggle is real. Are you a lone wolf or part of a pack?

We hear you. What slows you down the most?