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Email Design Podcast #43: Email Frameworks and Task Runner Workflows


In the 43rd episode of The Email Design Podcast, hosts Kevin Mandeville and Jason Rodriguez talk about popular email frameworks and task runner workflows to use for building email. Be sure to follow along and join in the discussion on Twitter using #EmailDesignPodcast.

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In this episode:

  • (0:27) Foundation for Emails: Zurb’s open source framework features its own templating language Inky, Sass support, Handlebars templates, BrowserSync integration, image compression, and CSS inlining.
  • (3:28) Slink: Zurb’s Foundation for Emails is now directly integrated into CodePen, allowing users to leverage their build system without any setup or maintenance.
  • (4:29) MJML: MJML by Mailjet is the only email framework that is hybrid by default. This open source framework features its own templating language, plus a collection of pre-made templates and components. It also has its own desktop editor.
  • (7:47) Inkcite: Inkcite is an open source workflow that features helpers, image optimization, CDN upload, A/B testing and versioning, and tracking code tagging. It also integrates directly with Litmus to send tests to the platform or automatically insert Litmus Analytics as well.
  • (12:34) Email Lab: Built by the agency Sparkbox, this is a Grunt-based open source workflow. It supports Sass for styling, Premailer for CSS inlining, Nodemailer to send tests to Litmus, Handlebars and Assemble for templating, and LiveReload for previewing in the browser.
  • (15:49) Gleemail: Gleemail is a homegrown solution created by Groupon to tackle their HTML email development problems. It features Mustache, its own templating language, for templating, Stylus support, CSS inlining, exporting to ESP templating versions like MailChimp, and CDN upload. Its unique live browser preview adds a top UI bar, which allows you take quick actions such as creating and opening projects in a repo directly from the browser, viewing a text version, sending a test email, and creating a Litmus test.
  • (19:52) Slicejack: An email boilerplate that includes reset styles, a grid system, and is responsive by default.
  • (21:33) Email of the Week: Interactive Christmas Tree

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