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The Litmus Team’s Favorite Emails of December 2022


T’was the season!

December is one of the busiest times of the year for email and we’re sure your inbox was stuffed with season’s greetings, even more than we were after eating our Christmas dinner!

There was no shortage of messaging about deals, gifting, end-of-year roundups, and much more. But which of those emails stood out in the inbox?

Read on to see which emails were at the top of our holiday gift list in December 2021.


Subject Line: It’s here: Your Peacock 2022 Year in Review 🎊


We love the use of personalization and animated GIFs. We haven’t seen this from any other video streaming services yet so it really stood out in the inbox. The only thing that could have made it better is if the highlights section had been more personalized to the genres we watched this year.

Harvard Business Review

Subject Line: The Management Tip of the Day

Harvard Business Review

This is a daily newsletter and it’s the perfect inspirational bite to start the day. We love how they make a short adaptation of the article vs. a snippet, so the reader really does get a high-level summary.


Subject Line: Here’s What Just Happened ❤️


We love this email from Burga because it made us feel really special as the recipient. It shows just how much they value each and every one of their customers. By including the name personalization it makes the story they’re telling actually feel real


Subject Line: 12 morning and evening routines for the New Year


This email is both timely and helpful! We love that they collected all of these tips with a focus on productivity (which their product helps with), yet it’s not all about their product. The 12-item list is a subtle nod to the 12 months of the year and the countdown to midnight! .


Subject Line: Slack AMA with the team behind product release notes and Twitter replies

This email is simple and to the point! The subject line is a little long and niche, but it works if you know what they’re referencing (and if you know what they’re referencing, then you’re super excited for an AMA).

We love how they humanize the team members by calling them by their first names. The copy is short and you get to the value point quickly. We also like the emphasis on “community” in the sender name and the event theme name. This event is a great way to humanize your brand and connect with customers over your own product —while teaching them something! Exactly the way a community email should be.

HBR’s Women at Work

Subject Line: What It Took to Get a Raise in 2022

HBR's Women at Work

This email stood out to us in the sea of end-of-year email roundups because they took it one step further by including a reflection on all of the stories as a whole. We appreciate how they did this in an interview format with someone who could really speak on the subject. This newsletter is long, but reading the interview excerpts all in the email was really efficient way to read without being redirected somewhere else.


Subject Line: The perfect potato latke recipe


In the midst of Christmas emails and emails about what gifts to buy, this email stood out because it shared a recipe for Hanukkah done in partnership with the Jewish Food Society. We like that they led with the recipe and kept it personal by including a link to the story of the person who shared it. They also incorporated their product effortlessly whilst uplifting the name and mission of a non-profit!


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Martyn Lee

Martyn Lee

Martyn Lee is a Design Associate at Litmus