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Feature Friday: How Kate Spade Creates Integrated Product Emails


For this week’s edition of Feature Friday we’re showcasing this fabulous email from Kate Spade, in which they display their latest handbags, and Klarna’s buy now, pay later pricing. This email features personalized dynamic content automation by Litmus Personalize, powered by Kickdynamic.

By connecting their shopping feed Kate Spade are able to show their desired products– in this case handbags. The products displayed are updated automatically from their data feeds. If any information is updated within the product feed, the email will update automatically so subscribers always see relevant content–no manual intervention required.

There are several pieces of data which can be included in a product feed. For example:

  • Product imagery
  • Product name
  • Pricing
  • Sizing
  • Color

Not only did Kate Spade automate their content, they also added information about Klarna’s buy now, pay later pricing for products, to encourage more conversions for subscribers who may be price-sensitive. This was done by creating a rule within Litmus Personalize, which divides the product price into thirds, showing how much each installment would cost when purchasing using Klarna.

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