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How to drive your email list strategy


We’re all looking to get more revenue. And why not get it with email? As your highest performing channel, it can deliver a whopping return of $36 for every $1 you spend. But are you getting all of that? Or could you be getting even more?

The answer is right under your nose

No, not in the couch cushions, but in your email list strategy: Your subscribers are your path to revenue. Including how you treat your current ones and how you bring in new ones.

A great subscriber experience will drive all of the following:

  • Better deliverability
  • Improved inbox placement
  • Engagement
  • Pipeline
  • Repeat buyers

We just put together our Marketer’s Guide to Revenue: Email Lists. And as we were working on it, a few things struck me.

List cleansing & hygiene requires a strong stomach

Continuing to email people who are no longer interested hurts your brand reputation and could land you in the junk folder, affecting even your best customers. If you haven’t performed any list hygiene recently, the number of subscribers you need to move from your active list to a winback group could be high. And it may make you gasp.

Take a deep breath and focus on what your objective is. For example, are you trying to achieve a certain level of email engagement? Keeping that as your guiding light will help you stay true to what you need to do. And remember, you can try to win back some of your inactive subscribers before you stop emailing them all together.

Personalization is pivotal in driving a great subscriber experience

This may leave you thinking that sounds pretty obvious, but when I talk about personalization, I mean going beyond {first name} in the subject line (though that can drive huge engagement!).

Personalization is the whole experience: from opt-in point to type of content to your preference center.

The flow you have at one subscription point may not drive the best experience at another point. Testing is key. Start small. Optimize one point at a time if you need to. You can check out the idea of micro-efficiencies and being agile here.

Documenting your opt-in points in one spot will help you more than you know

Understanding how subscribers are joining your list (channel, form type, etc.) and their opt-in rates, combined with their subscriber quality score all in one spot, gives you a single view into your email acquisition strategy. What’s working? What’s not? What can be optimized?

This is your blueprint on what to tackle and in what order. We have a full, recommended list of things to consider in the ebook.

Get the full scoop

There’s a lot more that goes into email lists to help you drive more revenue. We dive deeper in the ebook, The Marketer’s Guide to Revenue: Email Lists, to help you understand how to:

  • Assess your current list—complete with strategies and tactics.
  • Find new subscribers, optimize their opt-in experience, and keep them on your list.
  • Incorporate your list strategy into an ongoing part of your program.

I hope you’ll check it out.