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New CMO. New MarTech stack. What now?


At some point in your email marketing career (if you haven’t already), you’ll go through the rite of passage that is migrating email service providers (ESP) or marketing automation platforms (MAP).

There are a few ways email migrations usually come to fruition:

  1. It’s renewal time!
  2. Your current platform no longer meets your needs.
  3. Your new CMO or other marketing leader wants to move to a new platform.

We’re going to cover the third scenario in this blog post, but watch this space over the next several weeks. We’ll have a whole series to address the other situations above.

So, first off, you may be wondering…

Why would your CMO care about the tool you’re using?

It can be tough to have a decision made for you—and we get that—but here’s why it can actually be a good thing a lot of the time.*

You have a CMO or marketing leader who “gets” the importance of email.

Did you know that 77% of marketers say email is one of their top 2 most effective marketing channels? Your CMO is prioritizing email by making sure you’re equipped to scale your email marketing program. Without the extra burden on your email workflow.

You have a CMO or marketing leader who understands the value of email.

Email boasts a return on investment (ROI) of $36 for every $1 spent. That’s HUGE. With this year’s marketing budgets possibly going up from last year—but still not to the numbers of 2019—wanting to maximize every dollar spent just makes sense. And who gets to look good doing it? You.

You don’t have to get buy-in or make the case for budget.

It can be tough convincing your boss you need a different platform (and the budget to switch). When your leadership team is already on board, you’re golden. Enough said.

You don’t have to evaluate multiple ESPs or MAPs.

Researching ESPs or MAPs you want to consider can be intimidating and time-consuming. With more than 40% of marketers saying email marketing is under-resourced in their company, eliminating this step can be a big help.

With these preliminary steps removed, that takes some of the load off. So you can focus on the next steps in your migration process instead:

  • Audit all your programs.
  • Sync your data.
  • Set all of your programs up in your new provider.
  • QA & test your emails once set up.
  • Warm up your new IP address(es).

Phew. That’s still quite a list. But you can cut out some of those with a little bit of help…

Next steps: Save time as you prep for migration

Even with your CMO or marketing leader saving you the trouble of research, there’s still one really big thing on your horizon: You’ve got to move almost everything over. We feel your pain. That’s why it’s a great idea to store all parts of your design system—templates, partials, and snippets—in one spot away from your email platform. This makes it easy to move your emails no matter where you hit send.

With Litmus by your side, you can view all of your templates, partials, and snippets in Design Library. So, your team’s workflow on building and designing emails remains unchanged.

What we also know is when you do an email migration, you may want to make updates when you see things you haven’t seen in a while. (When was that copy last refreshed on that nurture stream?) Those edits can really add up.

With Visual Editor in Litmus Builder, editing templates is easier than ever—regardless of skill level. Yes, even those unfamiliar with code can simply select which part of the template they want to edit and make changes without ever touching code. Those who prefer code can switch to the code view in Builder and update all of the HTML and CSS they want.

Talk about getting back the gift of time! A win for time savings.

Want to learn more about these time-saving, migration preparation tips? Check out these helpful resources:

*P.S. Note that we said it can be a good thing when your marketing leader comes to you about switching email platforms “a lot of the time.” This isn’t necessarily always the case. What if you disagree on the platform choice? Or your leaders don’t see the value of email? Keep an eye on our blog for more on that in the coming months.

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Megan Moller

Megan Moller

Megan Moller was the Director, Content Marketing at Litmus