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Creating a Personalized Experience Using CRM Data

Personalizing email content is essential to create a unique email experience, but it’s only possible if you have data. Most brands will collect preferences on sign-up, and track on-site behavior and interests, as well as gain even more data through email communication. Now you have all that data, what can you do with it? You can create amazing personalized experiences for email subscribers. 

We know that personalization is required to boost email performance; customers no longer accept generic content as the norm, they expect a good experience and solid, consistently personalized, and relevant content. By having a wealth of data you are then able to create many different types of personalization in email. And, it’s never been easier, especially with new merge tag personalization in Litmus Builder. You can save time and reduce the risk of costly email errors by enabling all team members—regardless of technical skills and ESP access—to create and preview emails. It’s that simple.

Read on to discover several ways in which you can create personalized experiences using CRM data.

Personalized images

Personalized images are an easy and effective way to add some pizzazz to your emails. It can be as simple as adding a name to your header image, like in this example from Personalized images are a great addition to any email. By feeding through the CRM data you can add any information you would like to an image—simply!

email example from mobiles

Personalized birthday emails

Sending a subscriber an email to celebrate their birthday is a fun and engaging way to show them they aren’t just a number in your mailing list. You can send an email on their actual birthday, or perhaps do something different like this example from Boux Avenue, who send out an email at the start of the zodiac season.

Boux Avenue email example

Demographic information-based personalization

Knowing a subscribers demographic information/preferences is a great way to ensure that they are being shown the content that is relevant to them. For example, you can segment your CRM data by age and send an email showing products which are popular for others of a similar age. You can also segment by gender like this example from Studio, which contains women’s clothing, whatever the weather.

email example from Studio

Location-based personalization

Having a customer’s location data makes is easier for you to send emails to them with specific location based offers and information. Another great way to use location based information is to show customers their nearest retail store, encouraging physical shopping as well as online.This example from Kate Spade New York included a nearest store map at the bottom to help those shoppers who wanted to try things on in real life.

Kate Spade email example

Personalization through click-data

Using click data and feeding it back into your CRM is a great opportunity to capture real-time engagement and use it in a meaningful way. Over time, you can collect masses of data that can be used to personalize email content across every send. This example from New Look displays product categories, which can capture subscriber preferences with  every click. Follow up emails can then be targeted towards products you know that subscriber is more likely to engage with, driving them close to purchase.

New Look email example

Give it a try!

Truly personalized emails have many benefits, they bring value to the customer and help them find what they are looking for easily, thus reducing friction and increasing satisfaction. Personalizing email content has been proven to increase open and click-through rates, along with the average transaction value for purchases made following an email campaign.

Personalization makes the journey easier for the customer, and for the business. Not only will you see sales rise, but you’ll boost productivity with merge tags in Litmus Builder. It eliminates the hassle of jumping between tools to find the right merge tags to add to projects, and allows you to preview how content will render across over 100 email client, ensuring each personalized email results in the best subscriber experience.

Email personalization makes the journey easier for your customers, and your business by increasing productivity—and sales—with every message in the inbox. 

Photo of Litmus Personalize

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Martyn Lee

Martyn Lee

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