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The Email Personalization Guide to Inspire Campaign Success


Personalization is not just a marketing buzzword. Subscribers expect emails to be customized according to their preferences and purchase history

Creating this experience with every send requires learning how to leverage data such as customer details, demographic information, location at the time of open, and interactive techniques to increase engagement and drive conversions. 

Whether you’re just getting started or looking for ways to impress your subscribers—we can help. In The Email Personalization Guide Marketers Can’t Miss, we explain the importance of personalization done right, and include examples to inspire your next great email campaign. 

This guide will help you understand:

  • How the market has expedited the focus on personalization for marketers and subscribers
  • Why prioritizing the subscribers’ experience is good for business
  • How leveraging dynamic content increases email engagement and conversions 
  • Ways to stand out in the inbox with messaging that’s timely and actionable

Personalization should be a constant in your marketing strategy. Find out how to do it correctly, and make customers feel valued and build brand loyalty.

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Maria Coleman

Maria Coleman

Maria Coleman was a Senior Content Marketing Manager at Litmus