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Go Responsive with 7 Free Email Templates from Stamplia

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25 free, modern, pre-tested, and easy-to-use email templates are now available in the Litmus Community.

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With nearly 50% of emails opened on mobile devices, it’s important to keep small screens in mind. We offer plenty of mobile optimization tips, inspiration and resources on the Litmus blog—and starting today, we’re also offering 7 pre-tested and bulletproof responsive templates for your next campaign.

Our friends at Stamplia offer an email template marketplace with tons of beautiful, pre-tested templates that will work with any ESP—and their talented-team has created seven Litmus-exclusive templates that are now available to download for free! Each template is responsive and has been thoroughly Litmus-tested (yes, that means they even work in Outlook, Gmail, and the rest of those tricky clients!). They also come with PSD source files so you can tweak and modify to your heart’s content.

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Tempo is a clean and colorful template, perfect for blog updates and newsletters. Its ample whitespace and s-curve design invite readers into the email, and the large heo image, navigation, and touch-friendly CTAs make converting on mobile as easy as ever. View the Litmus results →



Wooshi’s appetizing visuals and grid-based layout are perfect for product-filled newsletters. With sections for both image- and text-heavy content, you can feel confident that all your customers will be satisfied.

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For the minimalist designers, Simples provides a clean, elegant template that puts the focus on products and features. The lack of ornamentation ensures that your message gets across in a clear, no-fuss manner. View the Litmus results →



Underscore provides a more traditional newsletter feel with a large hero image and sections for quick news items, as well as longer articles. The classic design stacks on mobile, providing a great reading experience for subscribers on smaller devices.

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Nexit is ideal for retail brands looking for a simple, adaptable template. The product sections, navigation, and text-based banners ensure an email that customers can scan all day long. View the Litmus results →



Who doesn’t love Minions? Minty focuses on a simple and minimal email design, but contains every possible structure you may want for your email: S-curve design, 1-column, 2-column-, and 3-column layouts.

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Tubor’s highly structured, 2×2 grid is perfect for modern newsletters. The large featured section keeps important updates front-and-center, while the mobile view stacks secondary sections for a wonderful reading experience. View the Litmus results →

Stamplia Marketplace + Editor

In addition to responsive templates, Stamplia offers a variety of templates that are perfect for newsletters, transactional emails, events, alerts, notices and more. Their marketplace offers an affordable solution for teams without a specialized email designer on staff (most of their templates are under $15!). Freelancers and email designers also benefit from being able to share their expertise by contributing new designs. Stamplia also offers a free drag and drop editor for templates purchased in the Stamplia marketplace—providing the option to customize text, images, colors, and more.

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25 free, modern, and easy-to-use email templates are now available in the Litmus Community. You’ll get responsive, hybrid, and mobile-friendly versions that can be customized to work in any email software.

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