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[Worksheet] How to Plan Your Email Campaign Strategy in 4 Steps

There are tons of tips & tricks on how to cut through the inbox clutter. But the real secret behind a high performing email? A rock solid strategy. Without it, you’re going in blindfolded—and that can cause cracks in your email workflow and subscriber engagement.

Sometimes email plans don’t have all the details they need. Or they keep changing, even at the last minute. So then emails are quickly created and sent without a second thought. Sound familiar?

Nearly 38% of marketers say bad strategies, poorly defined goals, or poor coordination hold their email program back from reaching its full potential. And when there isn’t a clear path, it’s no wonder reviews and approvals take up the most time (over four hours!) in the email process.

So save yourself some zig and zag—and get everyone on the same page. Our step-by-step Email Brief & Planning Worksheet walks you through how to:

  • Define your email’s purpose and goal
  • Optimize for opens, clicks, and conversions
  • Visually organize your email content

You’ll be able to clearly outline your strategy for a successful email campaign, making it easier to get alignment so you can move forward with confidence. Now who’s ready for better emails?


Magan Le

Magan Le

Magan Le was a Content Marketing Manager at Litmus