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The Ultimate Guide to Email Accessibility: Making Emails for Everyone

The world is growing, changing, and aging, and the world’s email subscribers are coming along for the ride. More people are accessing email on a wider variety of devices and types of connections than ever before. And email subscribers themselves are more diverse than at any other point in email’s 47-year history.

But what does all of this change mean for email marketers? 

Apart from rethinking strategy and tactics, it points to the need for marketers to create more accessible email campaigns that can be used by anyone—regardless of their ability. There’s a misconception that optimizing your emails for accessibility is hard. Getting started with making your emails more accessible can feel like an impossible task, and many marketers aren’t sure where to start.

77% of marketers say email accessibility is a priority for their brand—but only 8% rigidly follow accessibility best practices.

Introducing the Ultimate Guide to Email Accessibility

The truth is, implementing accessibility is easier than you’d think. Our Ultimate Guide to Email Accessibility gives you the tools, tips, and resources you need to create more inclusive emails—one step at a time.

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You will learn: 

  • Why email accessibility matters—and the impact it has on your bottom line.
    There are currently around 3 billion email users worldwide. None of those users are the same, with different abilities and disabilities—both permanent and temporary—and access to technology that informs how they experience email. If you create accessible emails, you can reach a wider audience than ever. If you don’t, you’re leaving money on the table with every send. We dig into the research and stats that prove an investment in accessibility is worth it.
  • How to write and design inclusive emails.
    You don’t have to be a coding expert to create more accessible emails. By writing and designing simpler, more subscriber-friendly emails, you can open up your content to a wider audience, all while providing a better, more valuable experience for your subscribers. We walk you through key accessibility guidelines for email design and copywriting—and show how you can put them into action for your campaigns.
  • How to optimize your email code for accessibility.
    Developing an accessible email doesn’t require fancy coding techniques. This guide breaks down the simple, well-established principles and coding tricks that ensure your email campaigns can be accessed from a variety of devices and assistive technologies.

Accessibility is more than just improving the experience for a handful of subscribers—it’s about improving the experience for everyone. Use these insights to get your team on board with email accessibility and start making more inclusive email campaigns in no time.

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