This year threw us all for a loop. We adjusted. We cut. We added. We flexed muscles we didn’t even know we had.

So, where does that leave us for next year? Hear from our very own CMO, Melissa Sargeant, as she gets real with fellow execs: Stacey Epstein (CMO, ServiceMax), Karen Sage (former CMO, Transplace), Loren Shumate (VP of Marketing, OneSource Communications), and Cameron Van Orman (CMO, Planview).

In this recording, they discuss:

  • What they adjusted this year, and what they’ll keep doing as a result
  • Any changes they’re making across teams and workflows
  • The MarTech stacks they’re using and how they’re tracking KPIs
  • How they’re using different channels to drive success


Meet Your Presenters
Melissa Sargeant
Melissa Sargeant CMO, Litmus & Discussion Leader
Stacey Epstein
Stacey Epstein CMO, ServiceMax
aren Sage
aren Sage Former CMO, Transplace
Loren Shumate
Loren Shumate VP of Marketing, OneSource Communications
Cameron Van Orman
Cameron Van Orman CMO, Planview