One thing that hasn’t changed in 2021? Email marketers being asked to do more with less or the same amount of resources. And according to our State of Email Report, this won’t be changing in the next year (surprise!).

Our 2021 State of Email Report revealed some key trends that are top-of-mind for email marketers as we approach the new year, such as:

  • The continual growth for email marketing
  • New privacy measures forcing marketers to rethink their strategies
  • Leveraging automation to build efficiencies within workflows
  • Boosting personalization to stand out in the inbox
  • Enriching customer profiles to know what messaging resonates most

Join our panel of experts from Adobe, Nationwide, and Litmus as they weigh in with guidance on our annual State of Email findings and what they mean for you. Get prepared for all things 2022 may throw your way.

Meet Your Presenters
Cynthia Price
Cynthia Price VP of Marketing and Host, Litmus
Cliff McGowen
Cliff McGowen Director of Marketing Operations, Nationwide
Jaina Mistry
Jaina Mistry Senior Email Marketing Manager, Litmus
Bruce Swann
Bruce Swann Principal Product Marketing Manager, Adobe