With Apple Mail Privacy Protection coming up quickly, marketers are scrambling. What do we do? How will our strategy change? What impact will there be to our email programs?

In this special edition of our “Confessions of a Marketer” webinar series, we’ll dive in on all things Apple Mail Privacy Protection with tales from today’s email marketing water cooler.

Tune in and find comfort (and answers) as we navigate this together.

Meet Your Presenters
Cynthia Price
Cynthia Price VP of Marketing and Host, Litmus
Steve Atkins
Steve Atkins Owner, Word to the Wise
Marcel Becker
Marcel Becker Senior Director Product Management, Yahoo
Lauren Meyer
Lauren Meyer Chief Marketing Officer, SocketLabs
Matt Dionne
Matt Dionne Principal Template Engineer, Constant Contact
Brian Sisolak
Brian Sisolak Founder & President, PeakInBox