Getting started with email design? Or looking to brush up on the basics? You’re in the right place.

At Litmus, we live and breathe email design. Our Foundations of Email Design series outlines the principles and techniques you need to build a strong, foundational understanding of email design best practices—all in our easy-to-follow, straightforward guides.

In Foundations of Email Design, you’ll learn about:

  • Layouts: hierarchy, layout elements, single- vs. multi-column layouts
  • Imagery: file types, compression, iconography, our favorite resources
  • Fonts and Typography: fonts, typography, live text
  • Calls-to-action: primary CTAs, secondary CTAs, bulletproof buttons
  • Accessibility: color contrasts, simplification, readability

By designers for designers, this resource is full of best practices for creating beautiful, actionable emails—complete with examples, important considerations, and our recommendations.