Whether you work with a remote email team or not, email design systems can help you. From scaling your programs and ensuring consistency, to saving time when designing and coding emails, a strong design system has your back. But how do you get started with creating and maintaining one?

In this round table discussion, experts from Stack Overflow, Zillow, and Litmus talk through the benefits and challenges of using email design systems, including:

  • How design systems can help teams scale while maintaining consistency and quality
  • How to document your design system so people actually use it
  • How teams actually use an email design system, whether they’re in person, completely remote, or somewhere in between

Whether you’re new to the concept of email design systems and remote work or not, this webinar is for you.

Meet Your Presenters
JASON RODRIGUEZ Community & Product Evangelist, Litmus
CRYSTAL LEDESMA Manager, Email Design System, Zillow
JAINA MISTRY Email Marketing Manager, Litmus
TED GOAS Principal Product Designer, Stack Overflow