Apple’s Mail Privacy Protection (MPP) has finally arrived. Now that we’re in a post-MPP world, what does that mean for the future of email marketing, and how should you respond?

By popular demand, we’re sharing a crowd favorite from Litmus Live 2021. In this session hosted by Chad S. White from Oracle, you’ll learn:

  • MPP’s impact on email marketing from analytics, deliverability, and design
  • Strategies for tackling your analytics such as inflated open rates
  • Concrete tactics for adapting your email program for 2022 and beyond

Apple’s MPP may have taken the email community by storm, but the good news is that we can adapt and excel. That’s why we’re making this popular Litmus Live 2021 session available—exclusively for the email community.

Meet Your Presenter
Chad S. White
Chad S. White Head of Research at Oracle Marketing Consulting