Let me hear your email talk… Let’s get modular, modular. 🎵

Building emails can feel like a workout. Coding from scratch, troubleshooting issues, going back and forth between tools. Phew! There’s a more efficient way to whip your emails into tip-top shape: modular design.

Get pumped—and shed those email production hours with us. You’ll learn:

  • What email modules are and the benefits to your workflow
  • How Ferguson Enterprises uses modules to speed up development
  • How to get started and create flexible emails with modular building

Empower your team—even the non-coders—to be agile and innovative. No more breaking into a sweat to build on-brand, error-free emails!

Meet Your Presenters
Lauren Kremer
Lauren Kremer Events Manager, Litmus
Scott Epple
Scott Epple Principal Product Manager, Litmus
Brandon Lawson
Brandon Lawson Email Marketing Strategist, Developer, Ferguson
Ryan Wallace
Ryan Wallace Email Marketing Strategist, Business Analyst, Ferguson